Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL)

Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL) is a professional body devoted to resolving the grievances of the overseas recruitment community. This council consists of only registered recruiting agencies who will have access to the services and redressal.

IPEPCIL has been working towards keeping the community content and happy through effective complaint registration and redressal mechanism. What's the most important is the sense of belonging that the community harbours. This is IPEPCIL’s ultimate aim and objective-- to be able to successfully generate and maintain this feeling of belonging in the community and provide effective redressal mechanism of issues and grievances of the overseas recruiting community.

IPEPCIL -- a contributor to India's progress!

The smooth functioning of recruiting agencies is necessary for the nation's progress since they contribute towards job creation and remittances. India's remittances are expected to grow at 2.5pc. This will serve as a major contributor for India's progress in the larger scheme of things. The work of IPEPCIL isn't limited to being a grievance redressal committee alone.

IPEPCIL Publications (P) Ltd.

IPEPCIL Publications is publishing News and NRI Connect, which is the "Gateway to Global Opportunities". Published from India’s business capital Mumbai, this bi-weekly (Tuesday and Friday) newspaper is circulated pan- India. This English newspaper carries Gulf and national placement advertisements. This publication provides authentic and useful information of Indian and overseas recruitment, critical news packets of job opportunities and crucial changes in policies that affects the industry.

IPEPCIL Publications is an initiative of IPEPCIL, the 39-year- old association of overseas recruitment agents in Mumbai with which many other recruitment agency associations across the country are affiliated. This works towards achieving the main goal of keeping any interested persons or recruiting agencies abreast of all the happening and changes in policies and regulations in the overseas recruitment market.

Only genuine advertisements

This newspaper carries only genuine advertisements booked by registered recruiting agents in a move to protect the interests of job-seekers and emigrants. Information is power and such empowerment of interested personnel will help increase their chances of getting employed in the companies of their choice without any hassles.

It will also act as the voice of the recruiting agents to share their concerns, problems and grievances.